BVisible Engagement Map

Exploring entrepreneurial journeys has helped create a process I’d love to share with you to help you generate momentum.  Use it for your goals, vision and to prioritize.

Personalize this map. Add a service, event name, venue or date to the top. Refine in between each stage and step and Outreach.  For coaches, consider adding ENGAGE or CONVERT to your Refine step.

This process has four steps on our BVisible Engagement Map:

Plan Your Strategies

Design Your Processes

Attract Your Audiences

Refine Your Solutions

If building traction with the words above, switching gears from ROI or creating your driven audience feels like a puzzle with missing pieces, let’s connect. I’ll help you find new steps in a visibility strategy session in twenty minutes on the phone or Zoom. Please connect at “CONNECT”.

Click link below for your “Free” Map
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