Access BVisible events in real time, online or recordings. Enjoy the freedom to be still and recharge while you are working or networking online from the comfort of your office or phone.

Learn to earn at your own pace and share insights, inspiration or resources that helps entrepreneurs and dynamic teams grow in our collaborative global community.

Uncover innovative strategies, explore learning styles and develop communications skills to help you engage and motivate your audience or team. Discover the steps to creating an actionable revenue plan and creating connections to scale. Move from Invisible to BVisible to BProfitable.

Are you ready and willing to explore your paths to I’mPossible?

Make Space to Emerge

BVisible Shifts offers entrepreneurs and dynamic leaders collaborative communities to make space to emerge as I’mPossible and learn to earn until 2023.

Join us for our virtual BVisible Shifts Celebration as my guest. Please RSVP {Click Here} to receive complimentary admission for our upcoming series on 8/18/21. Pop in between 10 AM – 1 PM ET on Zoom, pick up a bingo – fueling connections card, win #BingoWithSami prizes or just say hi.

If you love playing BINGO or prizes, {Click Here} to learn our full card game rules and get ready to say #BingoWithSami.

I’m Possible All Access or I’mPossible VIP passes are available at two investment levels for our winter series on 2/24-27 and summer series on 8/18-21.

Explore our virtual retreat series and ignite your I’mPossible path during a free phone or video call at

Ignite your Path to I’mPossible

BVisible Shifts are virtual multi-day retreats for entrepreneurs and dynamic leaders who want to learn to earn at your own pace. A mix of networking, bingo – fueling connections with prizes, energizing connections and making space to emerge before 2023. Multi-day tickets are available. I’mPossible All Access includes 45 day access to recordings of 8 hours of live winter or summer sessions for your reference, for $ 95 USD.

I’mPossible VIPs enjoy All Access plus lifetime access to 8 hours of live winter session recordings, virtual swag, gift certificates for a visibility strategy session ($ 150 value) plus early bird rates for 2021 and 2022 BVisible Shifts.
Your investment is $ 299 USD. I’m Possible VIP benefits include lifetime access to recordings of 8 hours of live winter or summer sessions for your reference. Your investment is only $ 299 USD.

August 2021 Agenda

BVisible Shifts Celebration        Wednesday, August 18th       10 AM  – 1 PM ET

Enjoy playing Full Card Bingo: Fueling Connections in our BVisible Shifts village. Redeem your full card #bingowithsami before Saturday, August 21st at noon ET.

BVisible Shifts: Alignment         Thursday, August 19th

I’mPossible VIPs – BVisible Hot Seat Coaching Sessions

Ignite Your Path to I’mPossible above

BVisible Shifts: Cultivate             Friday, August 20th  

BVisible Shifts: Illuminations      Saturday, August Save21st